Logo Icon with Text 2000x775 (RAW)I.T. Monkee was founded by John Saldana in 2013 in Houston, Texas. I.T. Monkee is a exceptional tech business of which is mainly ran by John Saldana and a few lackeys (..just don’t tell em I said that…) who wanted to create a unique service to the present day Tech Consumer (probably you).

I.T. Monkee provides various services to its customers such as Cloud Solutions, Desktop Support, Network Security, and other types of Technology Consulting. As time goes by, there are always more and more different types of technology that is invented and needs someone to help support (not always the artist but technology enthusiasts).

The I.T. Monkee name was created as an alternate from IT Monkey of which I later learned that ITMonkey.com was already taken by someone who already thought of the name but didn’t really make anything productive or as least that’s what I found. So, I was able to creatively come up with a catchy alternative name called I.T. Monkee.