Wi-Fi Password Generator

Have you ever wondered if your Wi-Fi Password was secure enough to keep un-authorized users from accessing your home Wi-Fi Network? Perhaps the wireless router you bought had all the bells and whistles and already had a Wi-Fi Password on the sticker, right? Well, sorry to bust your bubble that may not be the safest way to keep your home network safe. Its highly recommended that a new Wi-Fi Password be configured into the home router with a very difficult character string.

In order to select a difficult Wi-Fi key, a lengthy character string is recommended to keep malicious users from cracking your password. Malicious users have done their homework and know all the default passwords that come with Wi-Fi routers you buy from the store. The following links are sites that can assist with creating that hard-to-get password for your home Wi-Fi network.

Using the above sites to toughen your Wi-Fi Password is another step taken to securing your identity while using the Internet. There are so many terrible things that could happen if your Wi-Fi Password is “12345” or “Password123”.