Wi-Fi Password Generator

Have you ever wondered if your Wi-Fi Password was secure enough to keep un-authorized users from accessing your home Wi-Fi Network? Perhaps the wireless router you bought had all the bells and whistles and already had a Wi-Fi Password on the sticker, right? Well, sorry to bust your bubble that may not be the safest way to keep your home network safe. Its highly recommended that a new Wi-Fi Password be configured into the home router with a very difficult character string.

In order to select a difficult Wi-Fi key, a lengthy character string is recommended to keep malicious users from cracking your password. Malicious users have done their homework and know all the default passwords that come with Wi-Fi routers you buy from the store. The following links are sites that can assist with creating that hard-to-get password for your home Wi-Fi network.

Using the above sites to toughen your Wi-Fi Password is another step taken to securing your identity while using the Internet. There are so many terrible things that could happen if your Wi-Fi Password is “12345” or “Password123”.

Happy Birthday Google Photos!

Happy Birthday Google Photos and many more to come!


Facebook & Microsoft Are Building a Giant Undersea Cable

Tech Giant Behemoths have reported that they are in process of building a Giant Undersea Cable from Virginia to Spain. The undersea cable will support up to 160 Terabytes per second which will allow this connection to become the biggest cable traversing this route. Check out CNN Tech.


The Mouse Jiggler

ITMONKEE Gets a Facelift

Hello Users,

As you may have noticed by now, ITMonkee has finally got a facelift! The Layout is currently undergoing a lot of changes so please be patient with our changes!

Its for the best, I promise!

Stop Your PC from Forcing You to Upgrade to Windows 10

This is an excellent tool that I seem to have stumbled upon, Never10 is a lightweight software patch that keeps your computer from upgrading itself or forcing you to upgrade to Windows 10.

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Windows 7/8/8.1 Users Being Forced to Upgrade to Windows 10

Windows Users Conned into Upgrading to Widows 10

Microsoft has done it again by decreasing the amount of trust Consumers have towards Microsoft Users. It has been discovered that Microsoft is conning Windows users by tricking them into upgrading their Operating System from Windows 7/8/8.1 up to Windows 10 when all they remember is that they clicked the close button to keep this from actually happening!

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Kali Linux

Offensive Security (OS) has reached an outstanding milestone of being able to release an awesome Rolling Edition of Kali Linux. The OS Team are very confident in this Rolling Edition as a stable yet powerful Security Penetration Tool to be used by security professionals for different types of applications.

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