Wi-Fi Network Security & Testing

Are you asleep or at work and wonder if someone has infiltrated your home Wi-Fi Network? They may even have access to your personal server with all your documents, Security Camera System, Computers, and other devices that are connected to your home network?

The Wi-Fi Network & Security Testing performed by I.T. Monkee is a great way to ensure that your home Wi-Fi network is secured and unaccessible from hackers, sneaky neighbors mooching off your Wi-Fi and anyone else who shouldn’t be on it.

  • On-Site Home Installation
    Whats Included:

    • Configures Wi-Fi Encryption to the highest encryption available.
    • Generates a secure Wi-Fi Encryption Key that would take years to crack.
    • Reconfigures the Router Admin Access Password.
    • If necessary, configure the SSID to be a hidden SSID.

All work is backed by our I.T. Monkee Guarantee!